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With the increase in the number of Chinese high net worth population (generally refers to the people with investable assets of more than RMB 10 million yuan), the size total holdings of investable assets by individuals reached RMB 112 trillion yuan in China. Demand for personalized financial services has become increasingly strong. However, currently there are only about 4 million financial advisors totally in China (most of them are working in domestic financial institutions). Value of IFA independent financial advisor in China has been underestimated for many years, but now the independent financial advisor has entered into a new stage of accelerated development in China.

Therefore, the Independent Financial Advisors Association (IFAA), Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB), the Certified Independent Financial Advisors Association (CIFA), Independent Financial Advisor Net ( and Wealth Management magazine will jointly host a series of international independent financial advisor events since January 2016 separately in Beijing and Shanghai.

With the help of the international IFA organization, "IFA (Independent Financial Advisor)" officially set sail in China!

With complete system and international originality, IFA Master Class formally started up in Beijing.

Fig. 1 IFA Master Class commenced (Jan. 16, 2016, Beijing China)

Fig. IFA (Independent Financial Advisors) Basis & Legal Basis (1st session) (Jan. 16, 2016, Beijing, China)

Fig. 3 IFA (Independent Financial Advisors) Basis & Legal Basis (2nd session) (Jan. 16, 2016, Beijing, China)

Fig. 4 IFA (Independent Financial Advisors) Global Asset Allocation (Jan. 17, 2016, Beijing, China)

Fig. 5In cooperative organization of IFA (Independent Financial Advisors)IFA (Independent Financial Advisor)Training of Global Asset Allocation module (Jan. 18, 2016, Beijing, China)

Fig. 6In cooperative organization of IFA (Independent Financial Advisor)IFA(Independent Financial Advisors) Training of Global Asset Allocation module (Jan. 18, 2016, Beijing, China)

Being focus on high value financial services! Concentrating time and energy to cultivate independent financial advisors who are capable of completing high value financial management project !

"IFA (Independent Financial Advisors)" course focuses on "preservation and inheritance" and " global asset allocation", the two of China's most valuable wealth management practical fields today.

The course targets at business managers from financial institutions, wealth management team leader, financial practitioners from other countries or areas, especially from Hong Kong and Taiwan, family lawyers engaging in transition wealth management, insurance agent who intend to transform to independent financial advisor, and securities brokers who intend to transform to independent financial advisor etc.

Outstanding trainees can be engaged as contracted "Independent Financial Advisor", and Independent Financial Advisor Net ( will specially provide them unique high-end customer channels, product channels, and channel acquainting with experts at home and abroad.

For family offices with intention to be engaged in overseas business, independent financial advisors transferred from employees of insurance company, trainees from financial workshop or starting their own small business wealth management company, Independent Financial Advisor Net ( provides them continuous expert coaching, perfect and preferential incubator for work.

The course is taught by internationalized team specially invited by Independent Financial Advisor Net ( Lecturers consist of foreign teachers with specialty in international asset allocation, top wealth management lawyers from Chambers China, as well as taxation experts from private banks in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and China mainland. In the future, when our trainees encounter high net worth customers, they will also become the first top expert team to provide help.

This is not only training, but also a one-stop solution incubator , and the place where your dream starts!

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